Data Protection

One backup from production to serve backups, cloning & Disaster Recovery

Minimize redundant copies of data backups

A closer look at all non-production instances plus backup data reveals redundant copies of the same data blocks at many places. Clonetab’s integrated approach to Cloning and Data protection removes these huge redundant blocks of data resulting in high-cost savings on storage. Clonetab’s data protection module gives the option of storing long-term data in the cloud for added data protection.

database backup

Eliminate multiple copies of same data

  • • Integrate ctclone + CT backups to eliminate multiple copies of same data • Ctclone snapshots serve as on-premise backups • Results in huge storage savings
database production

No extra load of backups on production

  • • Only one copy of backups which can be used for cloning, Data protection (backups) & Disaster Recovery (DR) • Reduces backups related performance overhead on production
data collection

Greater flexibility

  • • Options to customize the backup and ctclone change data collection • Send long term backup copies to cloud (like AWS S3 storage) • Integrate with Clonetab DR

Customer case study

Customer a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance gear and technology for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts.

Industry: Manufacturing
Environment: ERP: Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle Databases on Amazon AWS platform.

Business Challenges:
  • Replace the existing backup method with a solution that doesn’t freeze the production systems.
  • Use a same copy of data for data protection, cloning and Disaster recovery (Eliminate redundancy of backups and load on the source)
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Should be capable to write the long term backup copies to cloud solutions like AWS S3 storage.

Clonetab Solution

Clonetab modules used: Clonetab’s CTClone module (for cloning), Data protection module (for backups), Clonetab Disaster Recover (DR) module

database disaster recover
data restore, data backup, snapshots, cloning

Business benefits with Clonetab

⦁ One backup copy served all 3 needs viz. Cloning, Backups & DR.
⦁ Removed redundant copies of backups saving TBs of storage.
⦁ No additional load on source instance to take multiple backup copies.
⦁ Tight integration between Cloning, backup, CTSnap & DR modules.
⦁ DBA teams spend virtually no time executing the clones.
⦁ Improved efficiency across all IT teams by eliminating days of wait times for the latest production copies.
⦁ Huge cost savings due to reduced man-hours spent on clones and improved efficiency across IT