Clonetab Module for cloning Oracle Exadata Databases

Why CloneHub for Oracle Engineered systems like Oracle Exadata?

A combination of Software & Hardware for Engineered Systems like Oracle Exadata makes CloneHub a unique solution for customers who need rapid clones with virtualization. A ready to use thin-provisioned copy of Oracle e-Business Suite or Oracle Database in about ~2 hours including most standard and customer-specific post clone steps.

cloning Oracle Exadata Databases

Tight Integration with Oracle Exadata

Supports Infiniband or 100Gb/Second Ethernet

⦁ Multiple 25Gb Ethernet ports offer extreme parallel performance for data access and protection
⦁ Low Latency, High Bandwidth, Low CPU system
⦁ Tight integration with Engineered system through supported High-performance 100Gb/second Ethernet for data access and protection
⦁ Options to use Exadata storage and still acheive high speed cloning (e.g. EBS clone time ~2hrs)

Unique ERP Cloning solution

EBS Cloning Automation & Virtualization
For engineered systems, this is a unique cloning solution with snapshot clone capability. Customers can quickly and easily provision database and application copies to support an assortment of business needs which includes cloning, post cloning steps, and cloning customizations.

ERP cloning Oracle Exadata Databases
reduce risk oracle ebs cloning automation software

Reduced Risk

Integrated and proven together
Maintains Oracle security and backup best practices, eliminates a need for additional host-side software.

cloning Oracle Exadata Databases

Better ROI

Speeds up implementation, space- and management-efficient copies for backups, test/dev, QA, and more—even maintains up to 50x compression with Hybrid Columnar Compression, a feature of Oracle Database

cloning Oracle Exadata Databases

Lower TCO

Low cost and best price/performance; single vendor sales/support, eliminates the extraneous cost

Key Benefits

The rich features of CloneHub enable customers to

⦁ Quick copies of the database & Oracle EBS with speed and cost efficiencies.
⦁ Separates I/O access load of Dev/QA from the production database(s) storage volume(s).
⦁ End-to-end cloning of Oracle e-Business Suite 11i/R12.1.x/R12.2.x (up to R12.2.10) with Oracle 10g/11g/12c/19c (pluggable) databases including post clone EBS specific, database, and customer-specific steps.
⦁ On-Demand Oracle Database and Oracle EBS refresh in about ~1 hour
⦁ Provides flexibility with low-cost, less time and space-efficient solution to enterprises to create and host database & EBS clones
⦁ Native InfiniBand connection or High-performance 100Gb/second Ethernet to Oracle Exadata for data access and protection
⦁ No initial space consumption for dev/test thin clones
⦁ Increased ROI on backup, restore, and cloning through operational efficiencies

CloneHub – Features and its applications.

Storage layer gives benefits like Hybrid Columnar compression, support to Infiniband, etc. for Exadata customers. Features like Adaptive Replacement Cache helps in improving I/O performance. Snapshots and thin-provisioned clones help in huge space & time savings.

clonehub cloning Oracle Exadata Databases

CloneHub features – Storage & Software

CloneHub features - Storage CloneHub features - Software
Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol End-to-end Oracle EBS cloning
File-level Protocol Database and Application Snapshots
Block-level Protocol Post clone steps for EBS
Object-level Protocol Customer specific customizations
Data Compression Cloning as per version of TXK/AD patchsets
Hybrid Columnar Compression Supports Oracle Database 10g-19c
Data Deduplication Post-clone data scrambling
Monitoring EBS Disaster Recovery
Remote Replication