Data Protection

Backup & DR solutions for Oracle e-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, SAP Hana and databases
oracle ebs data protection with ctsnap

Data Protection

Compared to legacy backups, ctclone Integrated Data Protection Platform (IDPP) efficiently delivers data protection, Business Continuity & cloning with a single backup load on the source database.

The combination of Incremental forever and thin-provisioned snapshots drastically reduces the time taken for backups and restores. Clonetab’s IDPP is a low TCO solution addressing 4 important aspects of data as below.

Local Backups

The copies of incremental forever backups serve as local backups. Since only changed blocks from the source are backed up, the time taken and load on the source are minimal. During restores, the data is provisioned in few minutes in the form of ctclone mount points.

local backups with ctsnap
data protection with snapshot

Data Protection

Local backups and optional copies of backups to cloud storage (e.g. AWS S3) serve as data protection. Compared to legacy backups, these modern methods of data protection are cost-effective, reliable and, easy to manage.

Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery)

Clonetab’s DR module (CTDR) leverages the same local backups taken by ctclone for the purpose of Disaster Recovery. For applications like Oracle e-Business Suite, Clonetab’s CTDR solution addresses the business continuity for both database and application stack thus delivering an up and running e-Business Suite instance on the DR site within the set RTO.
DR playbook periodic tests, with few clicks (Including EBS application)
Periodic DR tests can be performed for compliance purposes by submitting Activate DR task from Clonetab UI. The task not only restores the database as per RPO but also configures EBS application. By the end of the task (which takes ~2hrs), users can login to the EBS application UI and perform required DR tests.

disaster recovery backup with ctclone
database cloning automation

Database Clones

A copy of the source database can be created with few clicks and in few minutes. The database created using ctclone method are virtual and compressed utilizing negligible storage to start with.