ERP Cloning Automation

Reduce ERP clone time from weeks/days to couple of hours
Oracle ERP Cloning Automation


Clone engines ability to understand application versions like Oracle EBS R12.1, R12.2x, patch levels like TXK, AD etc., Process Schedulers, Concurrent Managers, FNDLOAD like tools etc., helps deliver a true end-to-end Cloning of ERPs and Databases.

Oracle ERP Cloning Engines

ERP Clone engines

  • Application aware engines
  • Create new EBS instances with few clicks
  • Does not stop at DB clone or
  • True end-to-end clones
  • Quick clone option for EBS for ~1 hr clone
database virtualization

Custom steps orchestration

  • Plug-in custom scripts at any point of clone workflow.
  • Many common post-clone steps are out of the box . To name few, retention of profile options, concurrent processes, application users with responsibilities etc
data masking for extended clone automation


  • Integrate with Clonetab modules like ctclone, data masking for extended clone automation or virtualization
  • Integrate with other storage & virtualization software
  • Multiple options for DB clone. RMAN backup, from active source, storage snapshots etc.

Customer case study

Customer is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of paints, coatings and related products with global presence in more than 100 countries

Industry: Manufacturing
Environment: ERP: Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle Databases on Oracle Exadata and Exalogic hardware, RAC, ASM, multi node, multiple versions of EBS

Business Challenges:

Oracle EBS targets to clone

days clone time to 4Hrs

Sources of different Oracle EBS

Complex Architecture 6+
Nodes of EBS RAC, Exadata, ASM etc.

Huge number of
custom steps

• 3-4 Days of Cloning time of Oracle EBS - To be reduced to around 4 hours.
• About 145 EBS targets to be cloned from 5 sources of different versions
• Handle multiple versions of Oracle EBS (12.1.3, 12.2.3, 12.2x) with one solution
• Complex Architectures with
    o Oracle Databases on RAC, Exadata, ASM
    o Up to 6 mid-tier nodes of EBS instances
    o External facing EBS nodes

Clonetab Solution

Clonetab modules used: Base module of Clonetab without any virtualization.
Database Cloning method: Clonetab’s ERP cloning module involving Oracle RMAN duplication

1. Around 3 hours clones without custom steps and around 5 hours with custom steps
2. Handled all versions of EBS instance clones.
3. Enabled automation of all post clone steps of customer, making it true end-to-end clones, ready to be released to users.

Oracle ERP cloning modules
database automation and virtualization

Business benefits with Clonetab

• More frequent clones enabled support teams’ access latest data and accelerate project delivery.
• DBA teams spend virtually no time in executing the clones
• Improved efficiency across all IT teams by eliminating days of wait times for latest production copies.
• Huge cost savings due to reduced man hours spent on clones and improved efficiency across IT