Oracle EBS Snapshots

Accelerate application provisioning powered by instant clones of CTclone

Virtualized copies of ERPs or Databases in minutes

Oracle EBS patches are irreversible. The only way to revert is by restoring a backup. Taking a conventional backup is a complex, time & resource-consuming task. Sometimes a failed patch will force DBAs to do a full clone, redo all project setups after a clone. This may take many hours to several days/weeks to resume testing, impacting project deadlines.

Clonetab Appliance for Secure Refresh of Oracle eBusiness Suite

Oracle e-Business Suite patches are not irreversible. The only way to reverse an Oracle EBS patch is by reverting to its backup which is time-consuming. CTSnap snapshots make it very easy to revert the patches or any changes by reverting to a pre-patch snapshot. The deeply application-aware snaps of CTSnap include EBS binaries, passwords at that point-in-time, etc making it a complete solution to 
Using CTSnap, DBAs can take Oracle EBS snapshot and restore it if needed almost instantly. This process saves many man-hours for DBAs, Development and Support teams.