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Zero Down Time upgrade

Automation of Oracle Database upgrade with zero downtime

Upgrading Oracle Databases from one version to higher version requires considerable database downtime forcing the enterprises to impact their business operations. In the traditional approach, the amount of downtime needed is huge and depends on the time needed to upgrade the database binaries and a host of other factors.

Automate: To meet such challenges and to drastically minimize the downtime to near zero, enterprises can use the Clonetab's zero downtime solutions for upgrade of Oracle Databases. Our solutions are combination solutions comprising of automated cloning and replication techniques coupled with simple manual switchover with near zero downtime.

These solutions can be used for OS migration, Database migration, hardware (servers and storage) migration, database or OS upgrades and can be applied in the context of migrating from on-premise to cloud, on-premise to on-premise, cloud to on-premise or cloud to cloud migration situations.

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