Secure & Rapid Cloning Appliance


Clonetab - Secure refresh software
for Oracle e-Businesss Suite & Databases

Why Clonetab

When apps DBAs are manually cloning the e-Business instances, usually clonings will take hours together (sometimes days). Lot of times, after instances are released, users experience missed or failed steps (which DBAs might not notice). This is especially due to huge number of manual steps involved in cloning process of e-Business Suite. Due to this, a dedicated DBA needs to work on each and every cloning task. Clonetab takes care of the operations like cloning, patching and services administration, and thus saves the valuable time of apps DBA.

Doing refreshes using Clonetab eliminates almost all the manual tasks apps DBAs do while doing refreshes. Clonetab can be used to schedule the tasks like refreshes, patching, startup & shutdown of oracle e-Business Suite instances. Clonetab gives capability to refresh any instance with any other instance with flexibility to insert custom script at any step of the refresh. DBAs will have option to add AD patches also as part of refresh task (post Refresh). Clonetab supports both 11i and R12 versions of e-Business Suite.

Advantages of Clonetab

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