Secure & Rapid Cloning Appliance


Clonetab - Secure refresh software
for Oracle e-Businesss Suite & Databases

What is Clonetab

Clonetab is Secure Cloning Software built on Java Platform. Clonetab offers solutions for automatic end-to-end refresh of Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Databases and so on. Clonetab offers several great advantages over manual cloning - Audit Trail, Segregation of duties between Security Administrator and Database Administrator, provides mechanisms for internal control and compliance, scrambles sensitive data, complete automation. Clonetab automates not only the refresh process but also most of the refresh related tasks like preserving instance specific data like db links, db directories, passwords, sso configurations and most importantly, the patches. Clonetab offers optional modules for cloning under RAC-to-RAC environments, Data Scrambling, plugins for Netapp storage, Delphix and so on.

The software can be used as one console for all your e-Business Suite instances for performing tasks like startup, shutdowns, patching and refreshes. All these tasks can also be scheduled (with repeat options) so that DBAs can completely get rid of these tasks and concentrate on more important ones.

Clonetab has a user friendly GUI and comes with role based access control for DBA and Unix System administrators. This allows Unix administrators opt not to share the sensitive information they own (like passwords). The role based access allows separation of duties within DBA team as well. The admin role is the super user role which has access to register/unregister instances and administer other users and their roles.

Oracle is the registered trade mark of Oracle Corp. Netapp is registered trade of Netapp. Delphix is registered trade mark of Delphix.

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