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Clonetab - Secure Cloning, Refresh and Replication Software
for Oracle e-Businesss Suite, PeopleSoft & Databases


Clonetab Base Module for Secure & Automated refreshes

Automation of refresh & related tasks, securely

Clonetab base module is available for Oracle Databases, eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft. Normal shell scripts created for performing refreshes may leave sensitive passwords in flat files. Also they may not have audit trail to track who is doing refreshes and for what purpose. The support of these scripts becomes difficult especially when person who created scripts leaves organization. Using Clonetab for refreshes eliminates these issues.

Automate: The features like pre, post, random scripts, target instance retention options like db links, concurrent processes, appltop binary cloning and allow user to automate most of the refresh steps. All these steps are one time setups. So the tasks can be scheduled and same options are applied to refreshes every time.

Customize your refreshes: The custom scripts option facilitates adding subtasks enterprise custom cloning needs. One good example for this is, when customer is having their own storage which is not supported by Clonetab, they insert their own shell script to automate data replication part. This helps to achieve end-to-end automation even though customer uses a different storage.

No more misses and Mistakes: Always same consistent high quality refreshes by eliminating manual work. All this after the one time addition of refresh options and custom scripts.

Clonetab Ctclone Module for rapid database virtualization

Powered by Ctclone (supports ZFS applicances, Netapp, Delphix etc.)

Ctclone is a add-on module that works in conjunction with base module. Clonetab Ctclone module is available for Oracle Databases, eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft. Using Ctclone technology, enterprise DBA teams can provision target databases, eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft instances in less than 1 hour even for most of the large Databases. This method needs few raw luns to be presented to Clonetab server, rest is managed by Clonetab. Ctclone offers Point In Time Recovery options using which Enterprises can refresh target instances with back dated data. Clonetab has built in modules for other appliances/tools like Netapp, Delphix etc. User can choose from these options and create a refresh task as needed. The options also includes RMAN duplication and from Active database option.

Clonetab Replication Module for real time replication

Heterogeneous Data Replication

Clonetab Replication provides real time replication between Oracle and non-oracle databases or Oracle and Oracle databases. Clonetab 11 is simple cost effective solution to replicate data between 2 Oracle databases. Clonetab 12 is capable of replication between Oracle to Oracle and also heterogeneous databases like Oracle to My SQL. Clonetab replication supports cloud to cloud, cloud to on premise, on premise to cloud and on premise to on premise replication where source and target databases are on same or different operating systems and from same or different database vendors. Using Ctclone for rapid initial cloning of database coupled with Clonetab replication module to kick in replication would help enterprses in rapid rendering of replicated target instances in couple of hours.

Clonetab SQL Self Service for Oracle Database

What is SQL Self Service

Clonetab SQL Self Service module can be used to allow non-DBA IT teams to run SQL Scripts on Oracle Databases on their own. DBA team need not share passwords with these teams. Optionally by enabling the Work Flow, the DBA teams can retain control over important databases, in which case the Clonetab engine will execute the SQL scripts upon approval by the appropriate approver per the assigned role. It can also be configured in a way to allow selfservice only on certain instances and for important instances DBAs will run the requests. This feature comes as in-built with Clonetab Cloning software or customers can purchase it as a standalone module.

Clonetab Data Obfuscation/Scrambling Module for Security and Compliance

Scramble sensitive data, audit trail for refreshes

Compliance while performing refreshes and compliance while bringing sensitive data from production to target can be controlled using Clonetab. The features like passwords encryption, data scrambling, password masking in logs makes Clonetab deliver secure and compliant refreshes which are not possible with normal shell scripts.

The in-built roles which include Compliance manager gives compliance administrators more control over refreshes. They can define the refreshes with a flexibility of which instances should undergo data scrambling, what tables & columns needs to be scrambled, which algorithm needs to be used etc. More importantly, this access can be kept only with compliance administrator and can be revoked from DBA, so that DBAs can initiate the refresh, but cannot skip the sensitive data scrambling steps. This makes the refreshes more secure.

Reports: Clonetab also provides various types of reports out of the box. The reports on refreshes, patches, services administration, roles to users etc provides more tools for the managers to have compliant refreshes.

Audit trail: The tasks created, changes to tasks etc can be tracked as Clonetab maintains Audit trail of these activities.

Huge time savings

Scheduler, password wallet, progress bars etc.

Due to maximum automation of refresh and refresh related tasks, Clonetab gives huge time savings to DBA and Unix admins. Features like post refresh patching, custom scripts (pre, post & random scripts) allows customization of the refresh tasks and opens opportunity to further automate the refresh tasks.

Other tasks apart from refreshes that can be done using Clonetab are, patches to EBS, start, stop & refresh, scramble sensitive data etc can be automated and scheduled. The same work if needed to be done manually involves logins to sevaral servers, monitor multiple logs and mistakes prone. All of them can be avoided using Clonetab software.

DBA friendly

Scheduler, password wallet, progress bars etc.

Features like password wallets (made for DBAs), progress bars, consolidated logs (dynamic), mouseover help, tips, error messages, task scheduler, notifications mechanism etc makes Clonetab a DBA friendly tool.

Password Wallet: While some one is wathing over the shoulders, DBAs always have issues to open password files. With Clonetab, they can open password wallet and copy the asterisks and paste directly in apps like sqlplus. They can also see password in cleartext if needed.

Mouseover help: On GUI, most of the fields have mouseover tool tips which gives help instantly. No need to open and browse huge pdf files. Also the same feature is available at screens like validations which shows errors with simple mouse over.

One console: DBAs can access all the refresh logs from one single console. The logs are separated by steps. Also they can have access to all instances from one place where they can perform patching (EBS), start, stop and restarts of instances also.

Scheduler: Its very common that DBAs usually work during weekends and nights when others are not. A built-in scheduler in Clonetab relieves DBAs from this for routine tasks like refreshes, patching and restarts (comes with repeat options).

Refresh Options

Retain password, links, resyn binaries, scripts ..

Huge number of refresh options at every stage makes the refreshes highly flexible. You can retain the target instance specific objects like database links, DB directories, manager processes, schema passwords and more. The db creation too have options to integrate other appliances..

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