Secure & Rapid Cloning Appliance


Clonetab - Secure refresh software
for Oracle e-Businesss Suite & Databases


Access: Clonetab provides Role based access to DBA team members. There is a seeded Super user ctadmin, which will have all the privileges. Users granted with Admin role also will have the same privileges. Below are the seeded roles available with Clonetab.

  1. Clonetab Administrator
  2. Patch Administrator
  3. Refresh Administrator
  4. Services Administrator
  5. Unix Administrator

Encryption of sensitive data: Sensitive information like passwords will be stored in database in an encrypted format. This way, users having access to back-end database also cannot view the password.Restrictions from Unix Administration: If the Unix Administration team doesn’t allow the sudo access to mount/unmount the file systems, Clonetab provides a different responsibility called Unix Administrator. Through this screen, unix admin should be able to enter alternative userids/passwords for participating unix hosts. The userid’s passwd is known only to Unix team and they need not share the password with anyone else. This user should have the access to mount & unmount the file systems. The same screen will also will give access to Unix admins to enter alternative host names to the participating hosts incase if storage network is different. (For enabling the Netapp commands to execute the exportfs with specific hostnames).

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