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Plug-in for third party database cloning

Plug-in for third party database cloning as part of Oracle e-Businesss Suite, PeopleSoft cloning

There are several vendors offering Database cloning solutions. These solutions include basic RMAN based cloning to database virtualization. Where the enterprises using Oracle eBusiness Suite or PeopleSoft have already invested in this kind of solutions for the database copy but follow manual steps for the rest of application end-to-end cloning, Clonetab offers plug-in for eBusiness Suite/PeopleSoft application cloning. Our third party plug-in uses the database cloning vendor's native commands for the database cloning portion while the rest of the application end-to-end cloning would be carried out using the Clonetab's APIs for eBusiness Suite or PeopleSoft cloning.

API or UI: Enterprises looking for multi-vendor solutions can use these solutions wherein the third party database only cloning solutions can be invoked using simple service calls from the Clonetab APIs or using the Clonetab provided UI while the rest of the end-to-end ERP cloning is carried out using Clonetab's ERP cloning automation APIs.

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