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Clonetab Appliance for Oracle Database New Instance Creation (DB-NIC)

Automatic new instance creation for Oracle Database, securely

The reasons for creating new instance of Oracle Database, from a given source instance, are myriad, ranging from creating new development environment, to having a backup for disaster recovery, to patching and testing, to upgrading to a new software version, to having a instance for reporting. While creating new Database instance from a given source instance is a common IT practice, it can be time-consuming and expose your organization to unwanted security and compliance risks.

Homegrown scripts and manual execution of sequential commands remain the most prevalent way to create new Database instances today. But these are time-intensive processes fraught with security and compliance issues such as lack of an audit trail, separation of duties, and unencrypted passwords.

Clonetab DB-NIC appliance can completely automate your Oracle Database new instance creation from a given source, end-to-end. The DB-NIC appliance is designed with ease of use in mind and non DBAs also will be able to create their new DB environments with simple mouse clicks.

Clonetab DB-NIC options: Clonetab DB-NIC can be used with base module or with our high-speed database virtualization module CTClone, while creating new instances of Oracle DB from a given source. As the CTClone option uses software based snapshots, thin provisioning, the DB-NIC module can clone the new instances vary fast and at the same time offer substantial storage savings.

Automate and Customize your new instance creation process: The built-in features to execute pre, post, random scripts allow the users to meet the Enterprise automatic new DB creation requirements from a given source with exceptional flexibility. To meet the Enterprise New Instance Creation needs, the custom scripts option facilitates adding custom subtasks while creating new DB Instances.

Retain source instance specific information: The Clonetab DB-NIC appliance facilitates retaining source instance specific information such as DB links and so on.

Implementation Modes: Clonetab DB-NIC module is available in four forms:

1. As a virtual software appliance wherein the Clonetab provided ovf template can be imported in to VMWare or similar virtualization environments, as a virtual machine, which usually takes less than 20 minutes for bringing up the Clonetab server.

2. Installer version for installation on to Linux servers (OEL or RHEL) meeting pre-reqs.

3. Linux Hardware Appliance - pre installed and configured on a physical Linux server or

4. Solaris Hardware Appliance - pre installed and configured on physical Solaris server, usually Fujitsu M-10 server sold by Oracle.

Oracle Database versions supported: Oracle 10g, 11g or 12c on Oracle Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition or Standard Edition One. Optionally custom solutions are available for older versions.

Operating Systems supported: DB-NIC can be used with Oracle Databases on most unix/linux platforms including but not limited to OEL, RHEL, AIX, Solaris (Sparc/Intel), HP-UX, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).

Support for RAC: The base DB-NIC module can clone a RAC or non RAC source to non RAC target instance. In case customer's environment demands creating DB instance from RAC source to a RAC target instance then customers may consider our RAC-to-RAC module.

Clonetab further Supports the following:

1. Oracle ASM file systems

2. TDE (Transparent Data Encryption)

3. RMAN Recovery Catalogue

4. SUDO users (Privileged users instead of users like Oracle and applmgr)

Support for Engineered Systems: Clonetab supports Exadata and Exalogic systems. Please refer to appropriate section under Products menu on this portal.

Virtual to Physical conversion option when using CTClone: Enterprises would have an option to convert their CTClone based virtual environments in to Physical environments by running the V2P program with very little down time.

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