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When it comes to regulatory compliance, IT teams must support enterprise wide compliance efforts. The IT department must be in compliance with internal and external regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, FDA, Payment Card Industry -Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) etc. While SOX is more focused on database write events that can change the financial data, it is equally important with respect to database read events as fraud and financial manipulation can be perpetuated by knowing the credit card / bank account information or by knowing the financial results prior to public release and so on. Most of the compliance requirements with respect to the production environments are taken seriously by the corporations but they tend to ignore these controls for non-production environments that are cloned from the production. The environments that are cloned from production carry the same production data and hence need similar internal controls as that of production environment.

Usage of home grown scripts and/or manual execution of sequential commands remain one of the most widely used ad-hoc cloning tools for Oracle e-Business Suite and Oracle database at majority of the Oracle customers. These tools although help the DBA teams to complete their daily routines, they cause a major risk by storing passwords in flatfiles, they do not provide mechanism for maintaining audit trail, separation of duties, hinder the enterprise-wide compliance efforts and thus may violate the compliance regulations and the internal controls. More over oracle e-Business Suite administration demands considerable amount of Apps DBAs time on tasks like refreshes & patching of e-Business suite instances. The huge number of manual steps involved in these types of tasks, makes the job very time consuming and complicated. On several occasions, DBAs find it very difficult to manage time to work on other important tasks.

It is in this context, Clonetab, started it's efforts to develop a software that can securely clone Oracle e-Business Suite and database instances based on standards and to tackle this monotonous, voluminous and mistakes prone work. The features such as audit trail, separation of duties extensively help Compliance administrators to enforce internal controls while cloning.

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