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Solutions for System Integrators

Automation of Database and Application cloning

During the implementation phase, System integrators and implementation partners have a huge need for creating the gold environments and making frequent changes to the customer environments for testing the changes to system options, profile options, configuration changes, proof of concepts and so on. The SI’s engage the DBA teams with manual commands and scripts to accomplish these tasks.

Automate: With Clonetab solutions System Integrators can quickly clone the gold environments to such test beds and quickly test the results of such changes. When the system doesnot reflect the intended functionality, they can quickly roll back the changes just by click of a button wherein the target instance rewinds back to the starting point. This way system integrators can repeatedly try and prove the desired functionality by making multiple iterations of changes and test them until the desired functionality is obtained.

Using Clonetab solutions system integrators and implementation partners can serve their customers with:

1.Building Gold environments

2.Making as many end-to-end clones of not only database but also application binaries such as Oracle eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft for their proof of concepts, testing of profile/system changes until desired functionality is achieved/proved.

3.Rolling back the database and application binaries to the restore point just by click of a button in case the changes did not bring the desired results.


5.Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

6.Virtual Data-as-a-Service

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