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Solutions for Storage Vendors

Automation of Database and Application Virtualization

Most storage vendors these days offer the snapshot technologies for databases built-in to their storage and related software. Some storage vendors provide database cloning solutions using their snapshot technologies. For customers using ERP Systems such as Oracle eBusiness Suite or PeopleSoft, database copying is only a small portion of application end-to-end cloning. The ERP customers have to manually run several commands or scripts to complete application end-to-end cloning including copying application binaries and post clone configuration changes and so on.

Automate: Storage vendors now have capability to make service calls (through APIs) to Clonetab and clone databases in the respective database vendors native format. For example, storage vendors can make calls to APIs within Clonetab and create a clone of Oracle Databases in Oracle native file systems such as ASM and offer end-to-end cloning solutions. Similarly, storage vendors can also offer end-to-end cloning solutions for, customers using ERP such as Oracle eBusiness Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, with complete integration by making simple service calls to Clonetab.

API or UI: These tasks can be accomplished with simple service calls to the Clonetab APIs or using the Clonetab provided UI.

Using Clonetab solutions Storage Vendors can serve their customers with:

1.End-to-end ERP cloning solutions.


3.Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

4.Virtual Data-as-a-Service

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