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Clonetab - Secure Cloning, Refresh and Replication Software
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Solutions for Database and Application Service Providers

Automation of Database and Application cloning as a service

Service providers who provide onsite, off site and off shore DBA services sell the cloning services for databases and applications. They engage DBAs with tools and scripts for accomplishing these clones which take up considerable number of DBA hours and considerable amount of storage due to multiplicity of data copies and at the same time lack the security and does not adhere to compliance procedures.

Automate: With Clonetab solutions for service providers, service provider personnel can clone multiple customer environments simultaneously in a fully automated and secure manner, while saving thousands of DBA man hours and thousands of terabytes of storage. Clone multiple customer environments seamlessly in a secured manner without any compromise on data and without tying your customers to specific hardware vendors, storage vendors or cloud partners.

API or UI: These tasks can be accomplished with simple service calls to the Clonetab APIs or using the Clonetab provided UI.

Using Clonetab solutions service providers can serve their customers with:


2.Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

3.Virtual Data-as-a-Service

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