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Solutions for Cloud Service Providers

Automation of Database and Application migration including lift and shift

Cloud service providers, while providing host of services, help their customers in migrating the on-premise database and applications to cloud such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure and so on. Majority of these cloud service providers make use of manual methods and scripts for accomplishing such tasks.

Automate: With Clonetab such migrations of databases and applications from on-premise to cloud or vice-versa can be accomplished by using very efficient, highly automatic and secure Lift and Shift solutions with almost zero down time.

API or UI: These tasks can be accomplished with simple service calls to the Clonetab APIs or using the Clonetab provided UI.

Using Clonetab solutions Cloud Service Providers can serve their customers with:

1.Lift and Shift their customer databases and applications from on premise to cloud or vice-versa with almost zero down time.


3.Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

4.Virtual Data-as-a-Service

5.Replication from cloud databases to on-premise databases and vice-versa

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