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Disaster Recovery

Automation of Disaster Recovery for Oracle eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft and Database

Database and application outages happen due to several reasons - some are planned and others are unplanned. For taking care of unplanned outages, enterprises need to plan and ensure highest availability of databases and applications.. In the traditional approach, the amount of downtime in a DR situation is huge and depends on the time needed for database cloning, application cloning, network speeds and a host of other factors.

Automate: To meet such challenges and to drastically minimize the downtime to near zero, enterprises can use Clonetab's Disaster Recovery solutions at lowest TCO while offering almost instantaneous failover mechanisms for the database and applications to DR sites. Our user configurable continuous backup with CTClone based high-speed cloning solutions at one end and the replication based DR solutions at the other end offer robust suite of DR solutions to meet different customer needs. Our solutions support DR sites that are at the same data center as production to remote DR site data centers, to cloud based DR sites. Our solutions are combination solutions comprising of automated cloning and/or replication techniques coupled with simple manual or automatic failover with near zero downtime.

API or UI: Using Clonetab, the DR solutions can be accomplished with simple service calls to the Clonetab APIs or using the Clonetab provided UI.

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