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CTClone - Database Virtualization

Automation of refresh & related tasks, securely

CTClone is a Oracle database virtualization solution using which Enterprises can virtualize their Oracle database footprint anywhere within their Organization. This solution includes mechanisms for not only virtual cloning of Oracle databases using software based snapshots but also management of these virtualized environments from a single console, whether your environments are on-prem, on public or private cloud or partly on-prem and partly on cloud. Ctclone offers Point In Time Recovery options using which Enterprises can refresh target instances with back dated data.

Data as a Service (DaaS): CTClone enables self service database instance creation in a virtualized environment subject to overall compliance using role based security. In its native form, during the very first refresh, CTClone lifts and shifts the target environment from its current storage/file system to CTClone based storage/file system. CTClone can clone source Oracle database instances to target database instances with full automation.

How does CTClone work: The CTClone initially takes Oracle native RMAN backup and creates its internal CTGold virtual environment which is in a dormant state. The user configurable incremental change traker tracks the incremental changes at source instance, either periodically or continuously and appends to the CTGold to bring CTGold in sync with the source instance. This CTGold is used for cloning the virtual target instances on demand. Except for the writes such as insert, update, delete operations that takes palce within each target instance, these virtual target instances do not take up any storage, thus minimizing the overall Enterprise storage utilization within the Oracle footprint.

Compatibility with Oracle eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft: Clonetab Ctclone module is compatible with Oracle databases under eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft. Using Ctclone technology, enterprise DBA teams can provision target databases, eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft instances in less than 1 hour even for most of the large Databases.

Automate and Customize refreshes: The features such as options to execute pre, post, random scripts, target instance info retention options like db links and so on and allow user to automate most of the refresh sub-tasks.

Implementation Modes: CTClone can be implemented in four forms (1) as a virtual software appliance wherein the Clonetab provided ovf template can be imported in to VMWare or similar virtualization environments, as a virtual machine, which usually takes less than 20 minutes for bringing up the Clonetab server (2) Installer version for installation on to Linux servers (OEL or RHEL) meeting pre-reqs (3) Linux Hardware Appliance - pre installed and configured on a physical Linux server or (4) Solaris Hardware Appliance - pre installed and configured on physical Solaris server, usually Fujitsu M-10 server sold by Oracle.

Oracle Database versions supported: Oracle 10g, 11g or 12c on Oracle Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition or Standard Edition One. Custom solutions are available for older versions.

Operating Systems supported: The Oracle Database versions installed on most Linux/Unix platforms including but not limited to OEL, RHEL, AIX, Solaris (Sparc/Intel), HP-UX, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) are supported by Clonetab cloning appliance for Oracle databases.

What sources can CTClone use for cloning targets: The CTClone can clone from CTGold based snapshots with options such as (a) until time (b) until sequence (c) until SCN. Additionally, by switching to base module Enterprises can also use (1) live production or similar source instance, using from active database option (2) RMAN backup on a tape or disk (3) Oracle Dataguard. Our customers may obtain additional cloning options when they purchase addon licenses for Custom Script option, Solutions for ZFS appliances, plugin for Delphix, plugin for NetApp storage, custom cloning solutions invoking native storage based snapshots for their existing storage.

Support for RAC: The CTClone supports both RAC and non-RAC environments.

Support for ASM: When the customers have license for add on ASM module, Clonetab supports ASM file systems.

Support for Engineered Systems: When the customers have license for add on Exadata module, Clonetab supports Exadata and Exalogic systems. Please refer to appropriate section under Products menu on this portal.

Virtual to Physical conversion option when using CTClone: Enterprises would have an option to convert their CTClone based virtual environments in to Physical environments by running the V2P program with very little down time.

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