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Clonetab Appliance for Data Subset of Oracle Database

Automation for Data Subsetting of Oracle Database, securely

The reasons for Data Subsetting of Oracle Database are myriad, ranging from creating subset for development environment, to quick provisioning for patching and testing, to save infrastructure costs on storage. Nevertheless, data subsetting can be time-consuming and expose your organization to unwanted security and compliance risks.

Data Subsetting of Oracle Database using homegrown scripts and manual execution of sequential commands may not yield the expected results. Also these are time-intensive processes fraught with security and compliance issues such as lack of an audit trail, separation of duties, and unencrypted passwords. Further, beyond the actual time spent on generating data subset, there is also a significant expenditure of time managing these environments.

Clonetab Oracle Database Subsetting Appliance can completely automate your Oracle Database subsets, end-to-end.

Customize your refreshes: To meet the Enterprise cloning needs, the custom scripts option facilitates adding custom subtasks during refresh.

Implementation Modes: Clonetab appliance for Data Subsetting of Oracle Database is available in four forms (1) as a virtual software appliance wherein the Clonetab provided ovf template can be imported in to VMWare or similar virtualization environments, as a virtual machine, which usually takes less than 20 minutes for bringing up the Clonetab server (2) Installer version for installation on to Linux servers (OEL or RHEL) meeting pre-reqs (3) Linux Hardware Appliance - pre installed and configured on a physical Linux server or (4) Solaris Hardware Appliance - pre installed and configured on physical Solaris server, usually Fujitsu M-10 server sold by Oracle. Customers may download the software and install it on a physical or virtual machine with Oracle Enterprise Linux or Redhat Enterprise Linux operating systems. More information is available in Clonetab installation and implementation guides.

What versions of Oracle Database are supported: The Data Subsetting appliance supports databases on Oracle 10g, 11g or 12c on Oracle Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition or Standard Edition One, per the Oracle's certification matrix. Our development teams would be glad to customize our solutions to meet customer requirements on older versions as well.

What Operating Systems are supported: The Oracle Database versions installed on most Linux/Unix platforms including but not limited to OEL, RHEL, AIX, Solaris (Sparc/Intel), HP-UX, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) are supported by Clonetab Data Subsetting appliance. Currently Clonetab Data Subsetting Module does not support Oracle Databases on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Support for RAC: The Data Subsetting module can clone a RAC or non RAC source to non RAC target subset instance. In case customer's environment demands cloning Database instance from RAC source to a RAC target instance then customers may consider our RAC-to-RAC cloning module.

Support for ASM: Clonetab supports ASM file systems.

Support for Engineered Systems: Clonetab supports Exadata and Exalogic systems. Please refer to appropriate section under Products menu on this portal.

What are the Pre-Reqs: Server to which the Oracle Data Subset target instance has to be cloned on to, must have the same operating system and OS patches as source and must meet the Oracle recommendations as to OS/patches for creating Oracle instances. More information is available in Clonetab data subsetting module implementation guide.

How long does it take to create target subset instance from a given source: The initial gold copy of data subset could take few days depending on database size, number of transaction tables and so on, but subsequent clones from the data subset Gold Copy would be a breeze.

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